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Previous Work

Per Uhlen's PhD-thesis abstract: "Signal Transduction via Ion Fluxes: a Cell Imaging Study with Emphasis on Calcium Oscillations"

Yale University - Ehrlich's lab

Yale University - Bennett's lab

The Marine Biological Laboratory - Whitman Center Investigators

Microscopy Links

Molecular Expressions: Excellent site on optical microscopy

The Carl Zeiss MicroImaging Online Campus

The Olympus' Microscopy Academy

ImageJ: Open Source image processing software package in Java

Color Universal Design (CUD) - How to make figures friendly to Colorblind people

MicroManager: Open Source software package for imaging and control of automated microscopes

Fluorescence Spectra Viewer

Download Olympus' FV-Viewer

Download Zeizz's LSM Image Browser

Nice forum on confocal microscopy - University of Minnesota - confocal listserv

Fun Stuff

Can a biologist fix a radio?
Philosophic paper about biological research

Can a Systems Biologist. Fix a Tamagotchi?
Follow up paper of "Can a biologist fix a radio?"

Educational program on calcium
Look Around You - Calcium (1/2)
Look Around You - Calcium (2/2)


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